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Trademark Renewal

Trademark Renewal FAQs

When to file for Trademark Renewal?

Trademark Renewal is done every 10 years, an applicant file for renewal before 12 months from due date.

What is Govt Fees for Trademark Renewal?

Government Fees for Trademark Renewal is Rs. 9000 if done before due date, in case of lapse of due date Govt charges Rs. 4500 extra as penalty for next 6 months and if further failed Rs. 4500 extra more for renewal.

If not restored in that time frame trademark can be removed.

Can a Removed trademark be restored by paying fees or penalty?

No, once a trademark is removed for fault of paying renewal fees same cannot be restored by paying penalty or appeal.

What documents are needed for trademark renewal?

We need a simple authorisation for filing for renewal.

Do GetSetLegal file Trademark Renewal throughout India?

Yes, we file trademark renewal throughout India, with lowest professional fees incurred.

Can I do address change in registered trademark?

Yes, address change can be filed by submitting relevant forms and documents.

Do I need an DSC (Digital Signature)?

NO DSC is required for Trademark Renewal.

Is the Trademark Renewal procedure online?

Yes, Trademark Renewal procedure is 100% online.

Do I get any exemption in Government Official fees?

No exemption is provided for trademark renewal.

Do I need to track renewal application?

Not necessarily needed to track application after renewal as procedure in 10-15 days.

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