What is GetSetLegal?

GetSetLegal is a humble and honest attempt to offer legal and allied services at affordable costs, mainly to Startups and first generation entrepreneurs. We are group of professionals who believe that a startup should not die or slow its pace only because of factors which can be made cost effective for e.g legal help.

In India, though we have a vast legal system but most of it is not affordable to common man, hence GetSetLegal is a small beginning to make law affordable to common man in true sense.

How GetSetLegal is different from others?

Unlike others, we don’t charge any extra fees for objections raised by Government. Most firms & companies which you see online, charge hefty fees for replying to simple Government objections, fees of which ranges from Rs. 3000 to Rs. 10000, whereas we don’t charge any extra fees for any Government objections for any of our services.

Are real professionals involved in process?

As earlier mentioned, GetSetLegal is a group of professionals hence any interaction be it Chat, Mail or Call is done by qualified professional in that field, no executive or sales team is involved while interaction when anyone contact us.

Proudly, GetSetLegal is the only firm in India, who don’t allow any executive or sales person to interact for any potential website visitors.

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